Supporting a Sustainable Plan for Aggregate Extraction in Ontario.

Demand for aggregate products in Ontario is rising and industry efforts to responsibly manage production are vital to ensuring aggregate resources continue to be available to fuel Ontario's economic future. The Top Aggregate Producing Municipalities of Ontario (TAPMO), as major stakeholders, want to be part of the long-term solution.

Who are we?

The Top Aggregate Producing Municipalities of Ontario (TAPMO)

As an association representing aggregate rich municipalities, TAPMO is committed to working with industry partners and provincial decision-makers to develop a long-term, practical approach to aggregate extraction in Ontario that will benefit all stakeholders.

Supporting Sustainable Solutions

Our Key Priorities

Ontario's consumption of aggregate resources helps fuel steady economic growth. But with demand for aggregate products rising faster than close-to-market suppliers can support, we need sustainable, constructive solutions that benefit all stakeholders. Local municipalities are ready to lead on this issue. To support a more sustainable future for aggregate extraction in Ontario, TAPMO is advocating for:

Fair Taxation

To ensure that industry pays its fair share of property taxes and municipal taxpayers are not unfairly subsidizing aggregate operations through inaccurate property assessments.

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Greater Collaboration

Working with industry and government stakeholders to promote programs, policies and regulations that are responsive to the needs of area municipalities.

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Fair Aggregate Levy

To ensure that a fair aggregate levy is transferred to municipalities to repair roads and provide programs to promote recycling and rehabilitation of abandoned pits and quarries.

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Extractive Licensing

To align community, industry and provincial goals and develop a  proactive and positive set of local municipal criteria for extractive rezoning in line with provincial criteria.

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