Greater Collaboration

With demand for aggregate products rising, greater collaboration is needed between all stakeholders to ensure Ontario’s aggregate sector can grow sustainably while being responsive to the needs of area municipalities.

What's This About

We need sustainable, constructive solutions that benefit all stakeholders.

Ontario's consumption of aggregate resources helps fuel steady economic growth. But with demand for aggregate products rising faster than close-to-market suppliers can support, we need sustainable, constructive solutions that support the growth of the sector to meet rising demand while being responsive to the needs of area municipalities.

TAPMO is committed to working with industry partners and provincial decision-makers to develop a long-term, practical approach to aggregate extraction in Ontario. That includes bringing provincial ministries like the Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry together with municipalities and the Ontario Sand, Stone and Gravel Association to, among other things: 

  • Streamline processes for the approval/expansion of aggregate applications by ensuring all stakeholders (province, municipalities, companies, etc.) are involved at all stages of the planning and approvals process.
  • Develop a mutually agreed upon set of ‘experts’ to prepare technical studies (ie: traffic, noise & dust, environmental, hydrogeology & hydrology, etc.) to properly assess the value/impact of land use. 
  • Establish a more robust process to identify, regulate and fund capital road improvements to haul routes

These efforts established and agreed to collaboratively, will ensure that Ontario’s aggregate industry can grow in a way that benefits all stakeholders as well as local and provincial economies.  

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