Burlington anti-quarry campaign joins Ontario-wide push to halt gravel mining

February 23, 2022

The campaign to stop a Burlington quarry has joined a wider movement hoping to put a temporary pause on new aggregate extraction sites across Ontario.

As the spring provincial election draws near, politicians are being pressured to re-examine the rules for an industry they say advances climate change, displaces wildlife and uses precious groundwater resources.

The Reform Gravel Mining Coalition is a province-wide alliance of individuals from areas containing quarries and several advocacy groups, including Conserving our Rural Ecosystems (CORE), the Burlington group fighting against the expansion of the Nelson Aggregates quarry at Mount Nemo.

Carlisle resident Graham Flint, who spent a decade successfully fighting a proposed St. Mary's cement quarry in Flamborough, which sits between Hamilton and Burlington, is the coalition's co-chair. He said his group realizes banning quarries is unrealistic, but believes it's too easy for companies to start new sites.

"We want to put a stop to unnecessary aggregate extraction and we think this is an industry that's gotten out of control," said Flint.

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